Why you Should Build a Reputable Brand

Why you Should Build a Reputable Brand

Your brand directly influences the future of your business. 

Once upon time when I was a new business owner… I thought…

I will create a brand I’m proud to stand behind AFTER I have success.

After I earn my right to show up like the “successful” version of me would.

I watched others that I followed make these bold statements that were placing them in a wide open position for hate mail and backlash… I thought… That’s what I want to say…

That’s how I want to feel.

I want to feel so sure in the work I can do and the message that I can deliver that I can speak with that much confidence and expose myself THAT DEEPLY.

BUT I also felt I wasn’t ready for that… because in my mind I was consumed with fears.

I thought someone was going to make me feel small or stupid and like I should get back in my place of blending in.

I thought someone was going to expose that I don’t have years of experience.

I was certain someone was going to point out how crap my grammar is or how I have no right to hold that opinion or speak that truth because I had NOT MADE IT in my industry YET.

Ya’ll let me tell you it was a long time of waiting for people to purchase, say yes to working with me or even for them to say yes to MY FREE CONTENT like my lead magnets.

It was a long time of putting “safe” not magnetic or motivational content out there.

And it wasn’t until I “INVESTED” in SHOWING UP LIKE I PICTURED the #boss version of me showing up that I started SEEING BUSINESS GROWTH.

*Insert DUH moment.*

When you step into your next level self is when you get the next level results.

Act first, then see the results.

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For me, acting first started with what I wore.

GULP. I went against the grain and started dressing in a way that I stood out.

I conquered the bullshit fears of not fitting in with everyone else in the room.

Then, I started sharing the deep shit. The truth. The hate I felt when I looked in the mirror and my deepest desires to get past it all.

And in sharing this truth I had never felt more connected to people.

I thought I was going to be ostracized but to my surprise the opposite happened, I got THANK YOU messages.

Then, I moved to photos.

I started playing with photos and interacting with props and things in a way that I had seen no one else doing it.

SURPRISE more positive response and snowball business growth.

And then it moved to live video.

With each step I took I grew in confidence and followers and sales.

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But …please don’t make the mistake of getting this backwards..

Waiting around for success to up level your brand… is not the answer.

Want to be a six figure business owner?… FIRST START SHOWING UP LIKE SIX FIGURE YOU WOULD.

(PS I’m not a 6 figure biz owner yet but the moment I decided to change how I showed up for my business was the moment I went from zilch to sold out program and my clients have had similar results).

My six-figure version of self is so confident that she can help people like her that she DOES NOT SHY AWAY from offering her totally awesome transformational programs.

She’s confident that someone who has a difference to make in this world is just too afraid to be seen and use their voice, just like she was and she knows her hand holding and program structure of actionable steps is exactly what that person needs to reach their dreams.

My six-figure version of self does not shy away from her calling she stands in her power and delivers.

What about yours? What does your six figure self do?

Want the support in making actionable change and finally showing up as a people take notice brand owner??

I was definitely the person that waited around to show up. 

I was the person that experienced zero business growth (even though I was technically busy with business growing tasks) << need a whole notha’ blog post for this one. 

And looking back I wish someone would have given me this reality check I am giving you today. 

That’s why today I wanted to share with you

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But first let’s quickly define what a reputable brand is...

Contrary to what many believe your brand is… It’s not just a pretty logo, amazing color palette and to die for website. 

Your brand is actually what you mean to your potential and current customers. 

It’s what your potential and current customers feel about you.

It’s how they see you. 

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Think of the company Apple as an example. 

As soon as you see that Apple logo you likely think of the tech company and it’s REPUTATION for being “trendy”, “expensive”, and for the “creatives of this world”. 

That’s the reputation! It’s what we as the viewers think of the company. It’s not just the design (although Apple’s general visual branding design is pretty rad). 

For the users, the audience and customers… it’s all about how they feel and what they think about the business. 

And that reputation has the power to do things like…


INCREASE the desire for people to buy from you,

OR INCREASE the BUZZZ happening around you and your business. 

And how we create that reputation is all in how we show up as a brand (post on this coming soon).

So now that you got that general picture of a brands reputation… 

Let’s breakdown…

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So… the BIG question: What reputation do you want to hold? 

This is especially impactful for you heart and soul centered business owners that need to feel passion behind your work. 

Discovering the deeper meaning and voice behind your work can you give you that FIRE, clarity and confidence you have been missing when it comes to building your brand and business. 

Do you feel it? 

A reputable brand is business changing! 

Which means it’s life changing! 

Which also means it’s intimidating and scary AF.

So… if you’re ready for the REAL change, THE REAL GROWTH, if you are done with being busy without taking the actions that actually move your business forward…. if you want to be the six figure business owner? ….

Well you first have to start showing up like that business owner and making sure that your business is represented like a business that earns six figures.