What is my Brand?

What is my Brand?

What is my brand??

If you think your brand is your logo, or website design… I understand.

When I started my online business…. A logo and website were the first things I thought I needed…


It’s what you mean to your potential and current customers. 

It’s what your potential and current customers feel about you.

It’s how they see you. 

Our brands are so much more than pretty curated pictures and a beautiful color palette. 

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So here’s the million dollar question… How is someone’s life impacted because they came across your business or personal brand? 

What do they get just because their path crossed yours?

Do they get inspired?


Do they gain hope where they once felt hopeless?

Do they feel energized?

Did they get relief from day to day to life because you made them get lost in laughter?

Are their fears calmed?

Or are they a little smarter because they came across your brand thanks to your generous gift of knowledge? 

You get to decide what you mean to your audience.

You get to decide the experience they have with YOU and you get to influence what you mean to them! 

THAT MY FRIENDS is what a brand is all about.

The logo, and consistent image and fancy colors… it has an important role for sure! It’s a means for us to communicate intentionally, set a tone and build repertoire with our ideal customers!

BUT it all comes back to THIS… what you mean to your potential customers and audience.

Let’s take the company Apple.

When I see their logo… the first thing I think about is not the produce section of the grocery store… It’s my iPhone and my love for having a smartphone.

It’s that I love FaceTime and I love it when my friends choose Apple for FaceTime too.  

The logo is ONLY AN ANCHOR.

It’s simply something that will be a reminder as to what we felt or learnt or experienced in our encounters with a brand. 

Because a part of my brand experience is to make sure I always provide BUSINESS GROWTH to anyone who comes in contact with my brand and all things that represent it…

Let’s get you that some of that growth… RIGHT NOW :)

Answer this question: 

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Here’s an example of what answering that question may look like… I plan to change the way we earn money!

I plan to place knowledge, power and inspiration in the hands of my potential customers!

I believe that we don’t have to live a life where we choose income OR family, paycheck OR time with family.

I believe in the power of our gifts, personalities and talents so much so that I believe you CAN be in control of your time by being your own #boss. 

And I support my potential customers and current clients in making this their reality. 

Giving tools, guidance and even hand holding as you brave the change in becoming your new self. 

The new self where you are in TOTAL control of making the life of your dreams your reality! 

When someone encounters my brand I will do my best to ensure I have left them with hope + knowledge and support to make the commitment to change their lives.

Now how about you? 

I am a total NERD for this stuff. 

Share what powerful thing you give people just because they met you! 

Share it in the comments of this blog post or come on over to my free FB community and introduce yourself and your brand goals!  (click image below)

So… you’re starting to see the power behind your branding… am I right??

If you’re getting the itch to keep learning and growing… join the FREE community!

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