Heads up! Your brand and how you package yourself is directly influencing an outcome.

It’s not “IF” you are influencing an outcome... it’s “HOW” you are influencing an outcome.

Are you influencing someone to join your mission, your community or take action with you... or are you influencing them to click away?


It’s no secret.

If you don’t look credible or appeal to the right people... guess what you will loose them off your page, profile or site faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Think about this…


And yes, you guessed it… your brand and how you package yourself is at the center of how you use this tool!

If you comment in a group or on someone else’s video or page… where would someone who was curious about you click??

Likely on your name in Facebook to check out your profile!

And when they click to “check you out”… an impression will be made.

Imagine if your profile was optimized to support your business growth!

Imagine if your profile represented you as a business professional.

🤳Imagine if clicks to your profile meant business growth.

Because when paired with the right strategy…

Clicks to your profile can be what leads someone to click to your website or be exposed to your content for the first time… maybe it leads someone to share what you do with a friend.

This is the power of the profile!

And this is why I highly suggest you implement what I am about to share with you today!

So let’s get to #branding your profile

DIY brand  (22).png

The first thing you will want to do is a little bit of first impression “clean up work”. Follow along below :)


Your profile photo is the first impression of the first impression…. but seriously it holds the power for whether someone clicks to “check you out” or not.

When out networking in places your ideal audience hangs out… the right profile photo will entice them to click to see more about you (view your profile)!

Quick tips:

1 || Create a photo that shows off your face (so people can connect with you as the owner).

>> plus this picture is just so tiny in the feed and next to your name where you comment a full body picture doesn’t give us much to connect with...

>> PRO DIY BRAND BUILDER TIP: ALWAYS look at everything you create to represent your business from the outside perspective… what is the “strangers” view?

EXAMPLE: The photo below is what a “stranger” sees in the feed.

>>> Look at in in mobile view to really see how small that profile photo gets.

image (34).png

Profile photo quick tip #2 || The setup!

>>> Be sure your photo is free of background noise, is welcoming + holds an element of interest or curiosity!

>>> PRO DIY BRAND BUILDER TIP: Viewer curiosity is always the key to getting clicks in ALL THINGS BRANDING.

>>> EXAMPLE: Notice how each of the photos below includes an extra prop to bring a unique touch?

Learn more about creating the perfect profile photo here:

Leslie Evans Thorne |

Leslie Evans Thorne |

Simply Katie Ann |

Simply Katie Ann |

Sheedia Jansen |

Sheedia Jansen |

Next stop on the profile “clean up” list…



1 || Create a simple intro that reflects how you can help your target audience (position yourself as value).

>>> Simple intro example : I help startup entrepreneurs to DIY build and launch their brand.

Now it’s your turn! What do you do for your target audience?

QUICK TIP # 2 || Remove the clutter!

>>> The goal is to create a streamlined, straight to the point about section!

>>> FOR EXAMPLE: SEE PHOTO COMPARISON below. Can you see the difference between these two photos below?


The first one is pretty overwhelming to the outsider trying to figure out who you are and what you do… The second picture makes it pretty dang clear.

profile about section optmized
DIY brand  (23).png

Now you have cleaned up that first impression and you are setting yourself up to be seen as a business professional + a place of value to the RIGHT people.

Now, it’s time that we create a feed and content that connects AND GROWS your business.

Humans are visual creatures and we learn a lot about each other (and make judgement about each other) through photos.


First of all let’s talk about the perks of becoming an AUTHENTIC visual storyteller…

Perk #1: Visuals can be a great way to STOP THE SCROLL and grab attention and readers!

Research by Skyword found that…

Social content including COMPELLING images (we are talking UNIQUE) received 94% more views than boring counterpart images.

Perk #2: Genuine photo content can establish trust, credibility and connection with your audience!

And 80% of people cite authenticity of content as the main factor for whether they follow a brand or not.

One last stat… THE #1 STRUGGLE with creating original visual content is consistency…

SO I created this post to teach you how to create branded social photos in batches in this post here>>>

56395161_10156981653703592_7196255667663929344_o (1).jpg

To go deeper into uncovering your brand voice and personality I HIGHLY SUGGEST snagging your spot in this FREE program trial!


Your posts should connect with your ideal audience members!

I understand that writing impactful posts can feel daunting. That’s why in my signature program Expert Status (what you can get your free trial inside of) I give TONS of examples and post structures…

But to get you started in a free setting you can check this out! >>> click here for an ice breaker post!

Here are my TOP 3 TIPS for writing killer posts:

1 || You don’t need to please everyone!

>>> Talk to one person in great detail… not a list of 2,000 people. This will help you to stop editing for people pleasing and start writing with a powerful authentic truth.

2 || Lead with a powerful mission.

>>> For example: my powerful mission behind my voice and what I choose to share on social media is this: I will support change makers, wave creators and trajectory changers in their missions to create positive impact in this world.

I will support those on missions to do more good.

Because I know when I help those that are the catalysts for change I will be a part of the larger mission for more good in this world.

Since updating and announcing my mission I have been asked to do TWO interviews in the last week.

TWO people reached out to ME and asked me to take part in their FB live shows.

WHY? Because people like missions and causes.

People like movements.

People want to join in on and share about a deeper objective that positively affects many… so what is your deeper mission for your business?

To get deeply in touch with your story, and how it connects to and IS OF VALUE to your ideal customers… Grab your spot in the FREE trial.



It’s important that you are posting with intention! Your profile is a tool for your business!

Your profile is a tool to GROW your business.

Develop a strategy and then use calls to action to strategically lead your audience…

>>> Example: Within a valuable Facebook post you can call the reader to “join your Facebook group to learn more!

Call them to action…. get it??

It’s really important that you view your profile as a tool for business growth!

I highly suggest you get clear on your intentions for using your profile!

***Have you created your path to profit? ***

You can create yours and lay the foundation to your social media STRATEGY plan that will intentionally grow your business inside of this FREE TRIAL as well!

check it out now!


After you determine your path profit it’s time to strategically direct your social media traffic to grow your business!

Believe it or not… the goal of your profile is not for people to just hang out around and like posts and write things…

The goal is to connect your mission, personality, and brand to the right people in a WAY THAT MOTIVATES THEM TO TAKE ACTION!

We actually want to be moving them through your profile after they follow you!

Links are a great way to do this!

>>> Example: Links to FB group, a landing page to get people on your email list, website or maybe even your YouTube channel… what’s the #1 thing you would like to see grow in your business right now??

Where to use links on your profile?

Use a link that supports your path to profit in your about section and in some posts in your profile!

There is a balance here when it comes to self-promotion! You can learn more about this in the FREE trial as well!



Cover photos are prime real estate and an opportunity to show off the FREE value you have to offer!

Create a branded cover photo that intentionally directs peoples attention to an area of your business you are trying to grow right now!

I love giving tons of value in my free Facebook group “Personal Branding Made Easy”

This is something  I want to direct traffic to right now (other times I have directed attention to a challenge I was running, or a “lead magnet” I was promoting to grow my email list!)

Cover photos are prime real estate and an opportunity to show off the FREE value you have to offer!

See example below (the cover photo is the image behind my profile photo).

cover photo


Gaining trust is a MUST.

Be sure that anything you do to “promote your business” is ALWAYS leading with VALUE for your customer!

Social media is generally not the place to introduce your products at the forefront!

Show case the value to THEM first! SHOW CASE what you have to GIVE to improve their lives!

Any pictures of a physical product should be done so in a way that it is bringing inspiration or fun or some form of valuable feeling to the table! Think PLAYFUL here!

No one wants to be used or solicited to!

SHOW UP TO FORM GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS and you will find your community growing while your business is organically growing.

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