End your social post uncertainty.

Get FREE ready to use social posts for entrepreneurs on missions to make money while making the world a better place.

In this free guide book you will get:

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Soooo… you can stop throwing spaghetti

at your social walls

hoping something sticks.

It doesn’t. have. to. be. this. way.

This guide book is for you if…

🦄 You have a heart that is so giving that it can be hard to ask for payment.

🦄 Your heart is so pure that not any sales driven method will work for you...

in fact you likely won't implement anything that doesn't feel "right for you".

🦄 You have a need for your “regular” life interwoven with your business.

(We both know you won't step into anything that sucks the soul out of you.)

🦄 You are in need of a plan that is flexible allowing your creative flow

YET ALSO structured to keep you on pace and ensure your new ideas

don't distract you from reaching your most desired goals.

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Hey, I’m Christi!

I have an obsession with helping startup entrepreneurs use social media as a platform to make a difference + get paid.

I firmly believe that your mission is needed in this world. 

You know in your heart, your path has led you here.

Your heart has called to you to be that someone that someone else NEEDS.

You know helping others through your work is SO RIGHT for you…. BUT you feel overwhelmed in becoming a leader.

My biggest hope for you is that after this workbook you can see proof that you can make impact on a social platform when you have the support you need in crafting your social posts.

Ready to end your post uncertainty?