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Right now you might feel as though you are fighting against the odds…

Friends and family that don’t “get it”.

A need for cash flow to keep your life afloat gives you butterflies before bed.

A lack of time while you juggle this transition phase into full time SUCCESSFUL biz owner.

Success story pressures to MAKE THIS business FINALLY happen.

I don’t personally know you… BUT I BELIEVE IN YOU.

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I know you have the heart ❤️️

+ drive to help people with your work. 🦄

>> You want to be one of those damn $10,000 + dollar a month success stories SO BAD…<<

Yet you know that…

😩 Not any marketing method works for you because…

You feel icky, guilty, and uncomfortable easily. 😨

👯 You have a STRONG sense of GOOD MORALS.

So when presented a “GET RICH QUICK PLAN”

>>> no matter how tempting the cash flow is


RATHER THAN try the ICKY sales calls, scripts, and messages etc. proposed to you.

You know in your gut that method IS NOT SUSTAINABLE for YOU.


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After throwing spaghetti at my social wall for almost an ENTIRE YEAR,

Taking course after course.

Searching for that ONE thing that would finally make it all come together for me…

I CRACKED THE MOMENTUM CODE + Landed my first clients

After repeating my new found marketing methods…

I SOLD OUT my first GROUP COACHING program with a FB group of 80… YES, 80 people.


Only social posts, videos + EPIC content from the HEART

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Christina Bernard teaches from the heart. I absolutely love her digital courses. I connect not only with her teaching style, but also with her message and HER as a person.

Christina teaches what she knows and has experienced, and she teaches it well. I highly recommend her courses and programs to any entrepreneur, in any industry, who feels stuck in her or his business and needs to be shown (not only told) how to promote their brands and businesses online without struggle.


“Christi is all about making sure that people get what they need from start to finish without having to or needing to purchase more courses. She does offer other amazing things but you won't buy them because you need to, you will buy them because you will want to.” - Karen Lowe  

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What clients have to say…

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"I recommend everything about Christi! She takes your dreams, your goals, and shows you how to make them REALITY. She gives you practical advice that you can directly apply to building your online business. She's real, honest, personable, and genuinely wants to see you succeed!"


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“...You know, and the thing that I love the most about the work that we did together, is that she has unleashed creativity in my business. And who doesn't want that?"


“Thanks again for teaching me this stuff.

I've known how to do them through Photoshop for years. Which usually took triple the amount of time. That's why I never did it.

Your way of doing things is super simple, super fun and I just can't stop creating stuff now. haha. “